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Front Logic’s Go411.com is an advanced paid keyword and advertising Internet Yellow Page (IYP) directory designed for public use. Go411.com centers on an advertising model that allows vendors to fully commercialize listing(s) through integrated web based advertising products coupled with advanced technology.

Front Logic’s Go411.com contains a core differentiating factor among its competition - its ability to recognize and return meaningful results when a user misspells a search term. 99% of IYP providers cannot locate a residential listing when the name is misspelled. Using the proprietary TYPENGO™ N300 Enterprise Search, Go411.com has been built to provide numerous ways of finding that same name under the same circumstances. In addition, while some IYP providers are able to provide alternate suggestions for misspelled business names or categories, the depth and relevancy of these suggestions do not compare to that of the Go411.com technology. Since customers are able to locate businesses comparably faster and easier on Go411.com, it can potentially provide companies with more business transactions.

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