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DirectoryLead Canada
DirectoryLead Canada is a comprehensive national White and Yellow Pages database comprised of Canadian residential and business listings. Data updates are available and can be performed quarterly or semi annually. Three categories of records are offered within this database:

DirectoryLead Residential Canada (White Pages)
DirectoryLead Residential Canada provides fundamental consumer information ideal for telephone directory providers, content aggregators, call centers, as well as direct marketing, telemarketing, and market research organizations.

Data Elements
DirectoryLead Residential - Canada contains the following residential information: (It doesn’t matter if you want to list the data elements in a table format or just have one longer column)
Last Name City
First Name Province
Street Number Postal Code
Street Name Phone Number

Features & Benefits
• Nationwide White Pages data coverage with over 12 million residential records
• Ready to use data as the alphabetical listings replicate telephone directories
• Semi annual or quarterly record updates available
• Nationwide and specific regions available to meet your individual needs
• Competitively priced - save up to 70% on your data requirements
• Records compiled for various business functions

Media Formats
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Custom Formats Available

Data Formats
ASCII Comma Delimited
Custom Formats Available

DirectoryLead Essential Canada (Yellow Pages)

DirectoryLead Plus Canada
(Yellow Pages)

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