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Front Logic provides consultation for all your corporate ventures. With well-rounded knowledge and years of project management experience, our team offers the “best-of-breed” in project design, development and implementation.

Creative Design

Front Logic boasts some of the finest graphic designers and developers in the industry. Many of our high profile clients can attest to that claim.

Our creativity flows from proof of concept to completion without skipping a beat. Combining strategic thinking and a fresh perspective to strengthen brand equity.

Our experience shines in all aspects of marketing and advertising from concept to delivery, including creative strategies, design and copy writing, market testing, print, outdoor, indoor, interweb, media planning, buying and evaluation, videos and broadcast production, displays and direct marketing.

Multimedia Authoring

Front Logic offers a wide range of multimedia and graphic design development services, including logo design, Flash, and interactive content such as online games and learning activities, as well as complete video post production and authoring to linear tape, CD or DVD.

The Front Logic design team utilizes each member’s unique background to create robust concepts in a collaborative environment. Our media designers are experienced in designing interactive web applications using a variety of cross-platform authoring tools, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Macromedia Flash.

Project Managment

Front Logic provides comprehensive management services to oversee the successful development, design, and delivery of all projects. Through ongoing relationships, our experienced management team works to ensure the utmost satisfaction, allowing your company to realize all its project development goals. From conceptualization to completion to final deliverables, we are thoroughly equipped to handle your challenges.

Custom Software Engineering

Front Logic custom builds web-enabled software that is scalable and flexible to your company’s unique needs. Our methods are based on platform independent technologies such as Java, XML, and Flash which permit rapid application development, allowing our company to deploy solutions across diverse operating environments. To date, Front Logic has created a wide variety of e-commerce and business management solution tools geared towards industries including the medical, agricultural, communications, retail, media and general research sectors.

Our past development experience includes, but is not limited to, a medical image DICOM viewer and server application suite, an enterprise-class phonetic search engine, electronic retail sales and distribution platform, and various interactive content applications.

Technical Support Services

Front Logic provides full technical support for all products and services. From troubleshooting, optimization, and complete configuration to custom reporting, upgrades, and security monitoring, our staff is dedicated to your needs through convenient communication channels.

Usability Testing and Analysis

Front Logic can help you understand your users' needs and build effective means for them to access your services. Our company offers online and offline usability testing services to identify issues for existing sites and websites under development.

Video Post Production

Front Logic offers complete video post production services. Utilizing our Final Cut Pro RT/Aurora IgniterX NLE suite, we are able to transform raw source material into an award winning master and then output it to linear tape or author a CD/DVD.

Our offline editing suite boasts the best image quality available when source material is derived from DigiBeta or high end DVCam or DVCPro tape stock. Old but not forgotten, the suite performs beautifully as well when using standard analogue formats such as BetaSP, SVHS, VHS. It provides for SDI Digital Video and AES/EBU Digital Audio capture and playback. We can go straight out to broadcast digitally, with confidence that the video will be pristine and sharp. We have over 500 GB of available storage which allows for more than 35 hours of captured video to be accessible at any given time.

As masters of our trade, we rely on many industry standard tools to craft the final production. For instance Final Cut Pro RT is our primary editing software, however we do utilize Shake, Combustion and After Effects for more sophisticated special effects, compositing and editing tasks.

Whether your organization needs a flying logo, a 30 second commercial spot, corporate video, or feature length movie, Front Logic is able to deliver the finished master for duplication.

Web Development

Merging exceptional skills with extensive web design experience, Front Logic constructs websites that work. Developing closely with our clientele, we create effective web based solutions that provide a truly competitive advantage. From interfaces to databases, Front Logic’s web development powers your business online to the front line.


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